What is reamping?

Reamping is the process of playing a guitar's clean, raw recorded sound back through a physical guitar amplifier and recording the tone from the amplifier. For a natural guitar tone when reamping, a clean, raw DI guitar track must have been recorded to begin with.
You may wish to reamp your guitar tone if:
  • You are unsatisfied with the tone you have recorded from your own amp
  • You want the tone from an amp you don't have access to
  • You are unsatisfied with the results from software amp modellers

Prices from only £5 per guitar track!

The Process

1. Record your DI guitar track
First, you must record your clean DI guitar tracks. Record your guitar directly into your recording interface or use a DI box into your favourite preamp.
2. Choose your amps

Choose which amps you would like for each tone from my current stock. If you require any advice on amp choices, just email me at dom@medicineroomstudios.com.

3. Send your guitars & song

Next, export your recording session and send the WAV files to me. Click here for directions and format requirements.

4. Recording your tones

Your guitar tones are recorded through your chosen amps to create your perfect tones. Appropriate microphone choices are made to capture your ideal tone & they are recorded through high end preamps from the likes of Neve, Focusrite, Amek/TAC. Microphone options include microphones from Neumann, Shure, Sennheiser, Peluso & more.

5. Receive your reamping package

Your reamped guitar tracks are emailed back to you! You will receive your guitar tracks as 24 bit WAV files, recorded with at least 2 close microphones & room microphones per guitar part for you to mix as you require.

Current amps

Which amp should I choose for my perfect tone?

Davis Amplification 2C8

The Davis Amplification 2C8 is an all valve, EL34 driven 8 watt head that’s perfect for recording great guitar tone. Get that tone on your songs with my online reamping service!

Don’t be fooled by its small size, there’s a lot of amp here! It effortlessly covers a massive range of tones, from jazzy clean, bluesy crunch, all the way to huge, thick rock overdrive.

It’s also a perfect platform for pedals. The dual control effects loop is especially useful in crafting some fantastic and unique tones – I particularly like dialling back the ‘dry’ mix blending in plenty of my Strymon reverb and delays on the ‘wet’ mix and micing the amp in stereo to create wide, ambient textures.

Check out my demo videos of this amp to see just how versatile it is! No effects were used in the front of the amp, just reverb in the effects loop. All overdrive was achieved by using the the amp controls only.

MJW Electra Custom

This unique MJW is a very special amp indeed – Based on a Mesa/Boogie MK1, it can provide everything from hyper-clean, rich Fender-esque tones all the way to Santana-style saturation.

Its highly responsive EQ section provides access to a huge range of tones. I’m particularly fond of this amp for rich, chiming, super clean tones.


How to prepare and send your files for reamping

What format do you need my guitar tracks in?

  1. Please extend/consolidate all guitar tracks to the very beginning of the session.

  3. Remove any effects or amp modellers. The guitar tracks you send must be completely clean, dry DI signals.

  5. Export guitar tracks separately all as 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files

Please also include a bounce of all other instruments together as a stereo WAV backing track. This will help me capture the perfect tones for your song.

How can I send you my guitar tracks for reamping?

Please upload all your guitar tracks & song backing track via WeTransfer or Dropbox. Please then copy and paste the download link and email to dom@medicineroomstudios.com.

How will I receive my reamped guitar tracks?

In your completed reamping package, you will receive the following for each guitar part:

  • At least 2x close microphone options
  • Applicable room microphones for your desired sound

The finished, raw audio will be delivered via WeTransfer to your email address as 24 bit, 44.1khz lossless WAV files.

How long will the reamping process take?

I usually spend 3/4 to a full day on reamping per song in order to achieve the perfect tone for your song. Depending on the complexity of the song, less or more time may be needed.
In all cases, I will finish all requested reamping by an agreed deadline.
Once I receive your order with your requested deadline, I will assess whether the amount of work is feasible in that time. I will then send either a confirmation of that deadline to you or get in touch to arrange a feasible deadline.
You will receive an email once I begin the reamping for your order. Depending on my current workload, you will usually receive the finished files 1-2 days after receiving this email.