Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Davis Amplification

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Today marks the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – 20 years since the first release of the books. In celebration of this, I received a challenge from Alasdair at Davis Amplification…. ‘How do you fancy reworking the theme from the Harry Potter films in a style of your choice?’. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, it sounded like (and certainly has been) a great project!

With the Davis Amplification 2C8 being a great rock amp, I chose to use the amp’s huge drive tones to rework the theme in a heavier, ‘rock’ style. I thought this style would work especially well considering the dark, mysterious tone of John Williams’ original piece. Anyhow, see what you think! I hope you enjoy the video and I would love to hear your thoughts on my take on the Harry Potter theme.

The MP3 audio is also available as a free download! Just click the button below to grab your copy.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary - Dom Bennison - Free MP3 Download

All the instruments and video were recorded, produced, mixed & edited here at my recording studio near Leeds. Do please contact me if you have a project coming up that you think I could help with.

For any musicians/recording enthusiasts, here is the guitar & setup I used for the recording:

Guitar Rig



  • 1976 Fender Stratocaster
  • 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Effects (front of amp)

  • J Rockett Archer – set to clean boost for heavier tones

Effects (in effects loop)

  • Strymon Timeline Delay
  • Strymon Blue Sky


  • Shure SM57
  • Peluso 2247
  • Blue Baby bottle room mic

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